Apply for Membership

Membership Application and Renewal Processes/Instructions:

  1. Read the descriptions of membership categories and determine which best matches your clinical and research efforts.
  2. Submit the Membership Application Form and upload your CV.
  3. All applications are reviewed and voted on by the CACHET Executive Committee (EC).
  4. Ongoing membership will be reviewed every three years based on criteria described below.
  5. Members may request that they change categories if he or she receives environmental health science (EHS)-related funding, increases EHS-related research or otherwise meets the criteria specified under “Members/Investigators” on the next page.  Similarly, a Member may move Member categories if his/her research has become less EHS-focused or otherwise does not meet the designated criteria.
  6. All changes in membership including suspension of membership privileges require review and a vote by the EC.


Categories of CACHET membership:

  • Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliate Members

CACHET Member:

Any member of the standing faculty at either UofC or UIC is eligible to become a CACHET member. To be appointed, the faculty member of any academic rank (including Research Assistant Professor), must document that they have a major EHS research theme or program that fits into the mission of CACHET and that they are willing to conduct collaborative research in EHS.

Documentation will include authorship of publications in the EHS field and a clear, well-developed research theme in EHS-related activities. Scientific excellence is required.

While current peer-reviewed external funding in EHS-eligible areas is desirable, it is not mandated at this initial stage of the Center and evidence of a past funding record will be considered acceptable. All membership requests are sponsored by the appropriate Focus Group Leader and will include a CV with publications and funding sources and a Statement of Research.

These will be reviewed by the Directors and presented to the EC for vote. Appointments are for three-years and are renewable based on the following criteria: (a) a continued publication record in the EHS field (b) alignment with the CACHET mission; (c) publications or grants with other CACHET members; (d) active participation in CACHET activities; (e) use of Facility Cores and/or Community Outreach and Engagement Core/community partnerinteractions, and (f) citation of the CACHET Core grant on publications.

CACHET Associate Member: Any member of the standing faculty at UofC or UIC who wishes to pursue EHS-related research but who does not have a record of publications or funding in the EHS field. This is the membership mechanism for faculty who wish to change research direction or expand their ongoing research efforts into the EHS arena.

This category may include senior or more junior faculty with well-funded laboratories, developed model systems/resources, population cohorts and translational opportunities that align with Focus Group interests. Nominations are made through the Focus Group Leaders and applications must contain (a) an updated CV; (b) Research Statement pertaining to their work and EHS—specific interest, and (c) a letter of sponsorship from the Focus Group Leader or an EC member.

Appointments are for three years at which time the member should apply for CACHET Member status.

CACHET Affiliate Member: This category of membership will be made available to EHS-committed researchers who do not have current faculty status and are invested in the activities of CACHET or wish to pursue a career in the EHS field.

This will include senior level trainees (senior post-doctoral fellows, young non-faculty investigators with K awards), Instructors and Research Associates (MS/MA or PhD degree) active in CACHET Facility Cores or other aspects of the Center.

Nominations for an Affiliate membership will be made through the Focus Group leaders as described above or through the Facility Core Leaders.

Documents will include (a) a CV, (b) a Statement of Interest and (c) two letters of support from CACHET members.  Appointments are for up to three-years and are renewable based on documented evidence of continued work within the EHS field or CACHET activities.

Membership Benefits

CACHET members will have benefits made available to all members.  These include:

  • membership in a Focus Group that provides for exchange of ideas, shared resources, and new collaboration opportunities that lead to shared publications and grants;
  • introduction to new colleagues at a cross-town University with shared interests;
  • access to pilot project funding opportunities to test new hypothesis and develop preliminary data for grant submissions;
  • access to unique Facility Cores that provide free and/or discounted services only to CACHET members conducting EHS-related research;
  • opportunities for translational research engagement through the IHSFC;
  • interactions with community partners regarding local environmental concerns  through the COEC;
  • educational programs in EHS (seminars, workshops, annual retreat);
  • multiple training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; and 8) career development opportunities and training for EHS Young Investigators.

Membership Responsibilities

If applicable, participation in your focus groups activities (meetings, seminars, workshops, retreats, journal clubs)

  • Interact (research and/or collaborations) with members in your focus group as well as members in other CACHET focus groups
  • Compliance with all policies and procedures of the CACHET, including acknowledgement in all relevant publications and report of relevant funding applications and awards.